Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Why is Travel Knowledge necessary ?

What is Travel Gyaan?


Travel Gyaan is India’s first travel e-learning platform providing free product destination training for the travel trade with an aim to impart knowledge and create specialists.

If you are a Tourism Board, Hotel or Resort, Airline, Theme Park and Attraction, DMC, Car Hire, Cruise, Transportation or any other travel related supplier wanting to reach out to the travel agents in India, this is a unique opportunity to educate travel agents and increase your brands visibility.

We will create e-learning courses for you, further market them among the travel trade and let you focus on your core business.

These trainings enable the travel trade to engage and gather information from top suppliers in the industry. These training modules allow you to watch videos, images, learn about the latest destinations and products, and download the latest collateral and brochures.

Spare some moments to have a look at our illustrative video here and would also request you to kindly have a look at the presentation attached.

I hereby encourage you to participate with us so we could together succeed with our aim to impart knowledge and create product & destination specialists.

Why is travel gyaan (Knowledge) necessary?


Knowledge has power: Education means learning something that you may not know. The knowledge that one acquires from learning enables you to understand and empower.

Knowledge is also acquired to be successful in a field and the key to being successful in the travel industry; one needs to have good marketing skills and understanding the market so by investing in Online Travel Training  you empower yourself and become a travel expert in these areas and put yourself in a position to decide how to use the knowledge gained to grow personally and professionally.

Knowledge enables development: Knowledge empowers you to engage with each other like – personal, professional, social and economic – and this in turn promotes development.

The online travel training courses from can help you develop a network marketer, professionally by connecting with the travel agents across India which in turn help you better communicate with them helping you grow into more fruitful business.

Knowledge promotes participation: Knowledge also empowers you to participate in every aspect of life. You will have an overview and will have the power to decide as how to use the gained data and analyze it best for your firm.

As a marketer, you in your network and colleagues may look for advice; knowledge, here enables to participate and share knowledge. You are also able to participate in seminars, presentations, meetings and much more with your valuable skills and knowledge.

Hence in brief, the knowledge is a worthy investment.

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